Friday, 6 November 2009

The Babies, The Teenagers and The Elderly


After quite some time of not knowing what to post, i finally had an idea. Not gonna talk about several artists, so im kinda organizing by their age.

First off, two newborns: Deadmau5's new track and Fred Falke's latest remix.

The Mau5 has been releasing quite a fair amount of tracks recently, some are used as regular tracks on his sets. (e.g. "Fuck My Life")
This one is no exception. A remake of his major hit "Ghosts n Stuff" called "Moar Ghosts n Whatever". Note Mau5' track naming skills.
This remake is a more 8-bit version of the track, but it still completely blows my mind.

Deadmau5 - Moar Ghosts n' Whatever [right click to download]

Fred Falke has been making remixes that are spreading like wildfire around the internet.
This remix of Annie's new single, "Anthonio", is another example.
Filled with bass as usual, this is a very chillful track, great to relax to.

Annie - Antonio (Fred Falke Remix) [right click to download]

Next two teenagers. (well, not really, but musically they are)

Elsee is Sebastian Léger, who has been talked about here before. This track was released in 2001, through Grand Prix Records, a major French House label, now defunct.
This is his first release with this alias, and its called "PYT", in dedication to the late great Michael Jackson.
There are very small samples, but still, Leger turned this one onto a funky, frenchy track, just like its supposed to be.
Thanks to BlizzardOfTheCoast (aka Sun Touch) for letting me discover this track.

Elesse - PYT [right click to download]

Next up is one im sure you've heard of before.
Crydajam is a group made by Rico The Wizard, the De-Homem Christo brothers, among others, to release some jams they made.
With that came out one EP on Crydamoure and its final track is "Loaded", made by Play Paul and Rico.
This somewhat rocky track is a French House classic and one of my favourites from the label and im sure you will enjoy too.

Crydajam - Loaded [right click to download]

Finally, the older ones.

First off is Paul Johnson, probably the only known DJ to be on a wheelchair.
Still, he can make awesome tracks, like this 1997 track, "Hear The Music".
This is also the first track of Daft Punk's 1997 Essential Mix, so you'll find out what im talking about soon enough.
I thank Josh McLoone for finding me this one in proper quality.

Paul Johnson - Hear The Music [right click to download]

Finally, another rarity. Its Daft Punk's Musique, but longer.
And thats it. But its very rare, sorry about the quality, but i assure you this is the only blog you can find it.

Daft Punk - Musique (Version Longue) [right click to download]


Getting loaded,


Joe said...

Is that Moar Ghosts N WHatever a YouTube rip? Cuz I don't do YouTube rips.

Alex said...

No, 320kbps official.

Joe said...


Joe said...

Also, Slipknot's DJ Sid Wilson once stagedived and broke his leg, so he was in a wheelchair temporarily...


It's pathetic that I know these things.

Alex said...

I didnt knew Slipknot had a DJ.

But Paul Johnson is paraplegic, so im still right.

Boba Fettuccini said...

'scuse me Alex, the PYT track does indeed have samples. It's just an extremely short sample.

Alex said...


Alexander said...

moar ghosts n whatever is unreleased...

there is no "official" version...

the track you are supplying is 320 kbps, but an official version would be 16 bit... mr. zimmerman would not be happy with you:

its interesting that i've had this track for nearly a week (the 320 kbps version), but it was not on hypem until after i gave it to my friends at and within 10 hours after their post, there are a number of other blogs hosting the song... hmmm...

Alex said...

I dont know about that.

I found it after a small search on google, gave a listen, seemed good, and since no other track i got from such searches dissapointed me, i got it.

And i didnt knew it was posted on Gotta Dance Dirty until i found the post on hypem. I was actually ticked, because i thought i was the first to post.

But thats usual. Know the Louis La Roche remix of Thriller? Its now on the hypem top 5 and i've seen it posted on several other blogs.

Its common for this stuff to happen.

prez jordan said...

The only sample in PYT I heard in the Michael Jackson original was the vocal riff heard over and over again in the remix...and Michael Jackson whispering PYT

Mattlethew said...

How did you find this version of "Musique"? I'm a Daft fan, I thought I had all of their cd's, Ep, remixes, but I'm impressed now...!

Anthony said...

That version of "Musique" is on the Da Funk CDM.

Alex said...

No, it isnt. The Musique thats on the Da Funk CDM is 6:52 long, whilst this version only came out on a Soma Records compilation and is 8:58 long.

Anthony said...

Ah. It sounded identical, and I didn't go the whole length of the track.

Lifelike said...

OMG, please, not more deadmau5. guy is talking about mainstream crap, while he's bigger crap.

Alex said...

This was originally posted over 4 months ago. Dont blame me is Deadmau5 got huge in the meantime.

Boba Fettuccini said...

He's been big for a long time now dude... and he is undeniably overrated. Don't get defensive though, we're talking about him, not you :p

Keso said...

Took some time for you to post that Daft Punk track, I must have sent it for like.. months ago? ^^ But that was sent to Prez so..

Anonymous said...

omg Heart The Music needs higher quality big time ><