Monday, 15 June 2009

But I do...

Hi there,

Found some time to post and I'm gonna do another in depth post on one of our small country's (Belgium) great talents, called The Subs.
Why these guys? Cause la prez is always nagging about getting trance back on the board and they're here to do just that.

Here's their story:
In the beginning 2 many DJ's (not these guys again...) used to sit on the throne at the Culture club (a club in Ghent) as residents, but after becoming way too famous they passed their crown on to the Glimmers and these chaps gave it to Starski & Tonic.
The two latter DJ's met a guy named Papillon one day at this club, and the tree of them started getting together and having a little fun...

Their tracks started off as a joke, the band wanted to see how far they could push the limits of the trance-genre and get away with it. The tracks became famous underground dance tunes, and here are two of them to give you a little taste: You Make Me Spill & Fuck That Shit.

The Subs - You Make Me Spill [right click to download]

The Subs - Fuck That Shit [right click to download]

Apart from the dirty lyrics these tunes got a lot of partygoërs shaking and raving (notice the epic climax in fuck that shit).

Later on, their song Kiss My Trance turned out te be a massive cross-over success: in genuine guerilla-style, it peaked both commercial charts AND terrorized the radio AND put club dancefloors on fire.

The Subs - Kiss My Trance [right click to download]

Probably their best trance song to date, where the awkward rhytm gives it quite a punch.

And so the band received a thumbs up from the likes of Boys Noize, Philippe Zdar, T. Raumschmiere, Laurent Garnier and uh... Tiësto!
They brought back trance to the clubs and claim that mr. Oizo (oh, we love that dude) inspired them to do so.

So they released an album called Subculture: Here's a preview.

The Subs - Music Is The New Religion [right click to download]

This song samples the classic "The House of God" from 1990 and it works really well. The snares make you feel like you're on acid, and in my opinion that's a good thing.

The Subs - My Punk [right click to download]

This is what I'd like to call the heavy track of the bunch. The base pulls you down and those vocals are just plain scary.

The Subs - Papillon [right click to download]

Aah, my favourite song of the bunch... just expect it to go on and on in your head for a long time.

Hmmm, guess I made a little album review out of it, cause all but one (you make me spil) of the tracks are on Subculture.
Conclusion: pretty darn good album if you like the genre.

Mr. Brown


prez jordan said...

Very nice post, good to see you back :)

Anonymous said...

posting an entire album how does that help the artist?

prez jordan said...

Publicity > Money

Mr. Brown said...

out of 11 songs I posted 5, with 2 of them being underground songs they just put on there... It spreads their name and makes it sell better I guess