Sunday, 21 June 2009


Adding some fancy code for the next hour or so. I apologize ahead of time if things go berzerk!

I'm basically writing some scripts that record my current iTunes song, then publish it to the web. I could use a program, but I'd rather code it by myself! So again, sorry if things mess up. Specifically, the Shoutbox because it also uses an iframe and some type of conflict may occur.

It'll be cool when it's done,
Prez Jordan


Champiness said...

No kidding. That's incredible.
Though I'm not sure I'd want all the readers knowing every song played in my iTunes library (considering I share the computer with the rest of my family, including my little sister).
I can just imagine CHAMPINESS LAST LISTENED TO "BURNIN' UP" BY THE JONAS BROTHERS in bright letters at the top of the blog.

Hani said...

or "POKER FACE" by Lady GaGa.

that would suck balls :D

prez jordan said...

I listen to Poker Face :D so don't be surprised to see it.