Friday, 19 June 2009

In The Summertime, When The Weather Is High...

All I can say is... sorry, guys. I've been nagging at myself to post on here for some time now, and while I wish it were some great tragedy that kept me from you, it was mostly plain laziness. I can say, however, that I was about to post here when I suddenly, devastatingly, and accidentally deleted most of my library of music (don't worry! After crying for several hours I realized I had a backup). That aside, here I am again. Hopefully that won't happen any more but I'm not making any promises.
Phew, now that that's out of the way...

Ah, Summer. Whether you're celebrating the break from studies, planning your next vacation, or simply enjoying the weather, you can be sure that this is the season to either kick back and relax or dance like you've never danced before. As such, today I'll be posting a few summery tracks to assist both causes.

First up is a house classic, Daft Punk's 10-minute, album-closing epic, the appropriately-named "Too Long". With lyrics about the relief of a great burden and a homecoming, and with some of the warmest, most upbeat synths this side of [insert somewhere with really upbeat synths], this is the perfect track to play while celebrating the season.

Daft Punk - Too Long [right click to download]

While there will undoubtedly be a few diehards out there who'll object, we all love those club tracks you see on "BEST OF IBIZA VOLUME 800" compilations. There's really no better kind of music for dancing in the heat of summertime, and even as you complain that they project a stereotypical image of electronic music, you somehow find yourself grooving.
"Everybody, stampin' to the beat."

Flexy - Mamasita (12" Cotto Mamasita House Mix Version) [right click to download]

In one of the rare instances where I've really liked a track that's gained a fair amount of radio airplay, I think this summer's club hit, as many fans are already calling it, is deserving of its title. David Guetta really pulled off something great with this one, especially considering it starts off with a sample from (dare I speak its name?) Coldplay. A gift from me to you in honor of summer love.

David Guetta - When Love Takes Over (feat. Kelly Rowland) [right click to download]

And just because it inspired the name for this post and it's a fun track:

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime [right click to download]

Reminding you to occasionally step away from the computer and ride a bike or something this summer,
Champi :)


Joe said...

nice to have you back champ :)

prez jordan said...

Welcome back!

Champiness said...

Glad to see I'm still welcome here. :)
I've already got plans for my next 2 posts, so I'm still safe for at least that long.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Don't have to tell ME to get out! XD I'm gonna be working at a summer camp where first year staffers aren't allowed to have any electronics other than a clock radio! Returning staffers can have TVs, computers, and stuff in THEIR cabins. Heheh. This will be an interesting summer.

Champiness said...

Good luck trying to get any good music out of a clock radio. :)
Well, at least you're likely to hear that David Guetta song I put in my post.

On a completely different note, I think I'm falling in love with Electronic music all over again... and this blog played a big part in it. For the longest time my love for the genre was barely more than a hunt for the next elusive remix that I'd finally find a torrent of, listen to once, and then drop into the inner recesses of my iTunes library. But in the process of looking for tracks to put up here, I've found so much great stuff. It just reminded me how lovely this genre is and how great it is to be a fan.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I'll be three miles from the Canadian border on the slopes of Black Mountain. If I get any radio reception at all, it will be a miracle.