Thursday, 25 June 2009

In This Post I Have No Taste AT ALL

I just decided that today I'd post the most tasteless tracks in my collection. Just listen anyway, guy, you won't regret it TOO much.

At number 5, we have Daft Punk's HORRIBLE remix of Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out. You may wonder how a Daft Punk remix could be bad... I've wondered the same. Regardless, this sucks.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (Daft Punk Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

At number 4, we have Pop! Goes My Heart by the fictional band Pop! from the truly remarkable Hugh Grant film, Music And Lyrics. Oh man... so... catchy... brain... dying...

Pop! Goes My Heart
[Right Click To Download]

At number 3, I give you ATC - Around The World. This sounds absolutely nothing like the Daft Punk club hit, and was featured in an electricity commercial when I was in 5th grade, thus killing the track to infinity.

ATC - Around The World
[Right Click To Download]

At Number 2, I give you the instrumental of Britney Spears' (or BS for short) chart topping track, Womanizer. I give you the instrumental, because the vocals cause ear bleedage.

BS - Womanizer Instrumental (Thank God)
[Right Click To Download]

At numer one, killing people all over the world, we have Hilary Duff, our wonderful little Lizzy McGuire, preaching cloaked recreation sex, all the while stomping on and kicking Depeche Mode's corpse. I have an electro/trance remix here to ease the blow.

Hilary-as-smart-as-her-Duff - Reach Out And Steal From Depeche Mode (Richard Vission To The Rescue Remix)
[Right Click To Download]

If you're still alive, great! See ya next time around!


prez jordan said...

hahahaha i love your comment on the remix of take me out. it is absolutely HORRENDOUS! i try to defend them, but they really cant remix for shit :(. Dusco Cubism aint too bad though.

prez jordan said...

This is the best post you've ever done. haha i can't stop laughing

Gavin said...

this is by far your funniest post ever boba. i loled really hard. and DP mixes well prez. i think this was made when they were drunk . awful remix.

Boba Fettuccini said...

Think about it dude, none of their remixes are original in any way. the Mothership remix just loops the buildup of the song for seven minutes, almost nothing original but the vocoder added. They just aren't good at remixing. Mixing, sure, but not commissioned remixes.

Joe said...

@ Prez & Boba

HOW... FUCKING... DARE... YOU? Daft Punk are fucking brilliant remixers! Have you not heard Life Is Sweet or Forget About The World? FUCKING AWESOME.

But yeah, I was extremely disappointed with the Franz remix. I love Take Me Out, and I was expecting better from DP.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I'm serious. Forget about the world, as a remix, sucks. It has some horribly unpleasant glitched out vocals at the beginning, and then dives into a house track that has no semblance of the song it's supposed to be a remix of. It's a good track, but a horrible remix.

prez jordan said...

Life is Sweet is probably their best.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that daft punk remix.. isn't a daft punk remix.

it was falsely posted around if you care to check around.

hani said...

oh it IS a Daft Punk remix. it was included on French version of Take Me Out single

and about that ATC track, you should check out "Around the World" by The Death Set. it's so so catchy, I... I... can't... resist...

Bastille said...

I'll never understand that Daft Punk remix, it just doesn't make sense.

And my favorite is the remix of Mother Reconnection, gotta love Space Disco.