Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Joe's Essential Guide to 90s Dance, Part 4

Yesterday I realised I'd gotten hrough the whole of June without doing an installment of the 90s Dance Guide. So, here we are...

My early 90s track today comes from Hardrive, an alternate alias of Masters At Work (the New York house production duo made up of Louie Vega and Kenny Dope). Released in 1993, This is one of my favorite house tracks of all time. Deep synths, diva vocal samples and a brilliant beat. This track's got it all.

Hardrive - Deep Inside[right click to download]

And for the late 90s, I have "Vous Voulez De La Musique?", from French artist Fafa Monteco. I wasn't too keen on this track, but then I got my hands on a remix from ilictronix favorite Sebastien Leger that completely blows the original out of the water! Released on Belgian label Sculpture (under licence from Blackjack, one of my favorite house labels), this track's funky brass sample is just too good to resist.

Fafa Monteco - Vous Voulez De La Musique? (Sebastien Leger de Deaf 'N' Dumb Crew Remix)[right click to download]

Keep it funky,


Larvi said...

Thanks a bunch
deep deep
deep inside
deep deep
down inside!!!

Winters said...

hey, any chance you could send me this tune. The link to it has gone and im despearate to get my hands on it!

prez jordan said...

links fixed :)

Snake Charmer said...