Tuesday, 16 June 2009

La Maison Francaise!!

By request, and because I love this track so much...

Good luck finding an mp3 of this one anywhere, it's one of the rarest tracks I own (I think). Anyway AlexDaftPunk posted this so I immediately got a few requests to post it, so I did :)

This track is pure french house, it's so funky and cut up that I just want to dance with it. For some reason, it sounds a lot like 2001 French House releases, but it was apparently released in 2000, go figure. Once I start buying some more vinyl, this will be one of my first purchases :D

Demon - Regulate (Fafa Monteco Remix) [right click to download]

Because I love you all so much,
Prez Jordan


deemo said...

Merci :-)

Bastille said...

I've been looking for Fafa Monteco, thanks. Also, anyway you could hook me up with a working link for We Are - Sébastien Léger?

prez jordan said...

http://www.iphonefire.net/ilictronixstaff/tracks/SebastienLeger-WeAre.mp3 :D

prophetfp said...

Great and rare track, and soooo french :)
Thanks prez, thanks Demon.

Louie J said...

Holy crap, this is found NOWHERE on the web.

Thanks for posting!