Saturday, 6 June 2009


Oh hello fans, it seems I haven't been around in like a week for you guys. What an asshole I am!

The truth of the matter is, it's "death week" at my school, the name given due to the amount of work piled up at once. It's usually the week before the finals, which is the last week of school. So in short, we have a shitload of work, no time to do it, and we're all apathetic because summer break is like a week away.


To express the way my brain feels right now, I am going to post some microhouse! This micro (haha!) genre is a cute and fluffy approach at glitch. Take Aphex Twin and cover him with a bunch of pillow and you get microhouse.

I've mentioned Akufen in the past, he was in one of my first posts ever. Anyway, I've got some super rare shit for you guys to enjoy from Psychometry - EP volumes 1 and 2. Prepare for your browser to lag, 6 tracks coming your way.

Akufen - 1.0 [right click to download]

Akufen - 1.1 [right click to download]

Akufen - 1.2 [right click to download]

Akufen - 2.0 [right click to download]

Akufen - 2.1 [right click to download]

Akufen - 2.2 [right click to download]

Small mechanics make things better,
Prez Jordan

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Anonymous said...

I had a stressful morning, but I listened to Akufen to keep me on my toes and so I searched HypeM and your posted popped up. Thank you! There is a 3rd 12" and a Remix 12" as well, I think I might buy those.