Saturday, 20 June 2009

Now you're playing with POWER!

Evil Stereo's first official release of his incredible track Everything hit the web yesterday, paired with the ever-so-popular song "Power Glove" from his recent independently released EP, Free Samples. This was Power Glove Records' first release, hopefully, the first of many to come.

Evil Stereo - Power Glove (again)
[Right Click To Download]

Evil Stereo - Everything (Again)
[Right Click To Download]

A note to any interested parties reading this, Power Glove Records is looking for interesting electro and house acts to publish. If you are interested, please email me (see sidebar) or visit our myspace. Thanks.

I'm done shamelessly promoting my label now. kthxbai.


Hani said...

I actually don't like Power Glove that much, but dude, Everything rocked my ass off! I love this track, it's so bad xD

kurmidt said...
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kurmidt said...

was gonna say: "my sentiments exactly", but i did like power glove, just that everything totally kicks its 8bit ass. great stuff.