Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Siriusly... this stuff is never given the credit it deserves.

Boys Noize, the famous German electro artist runs his own record label called Boys Noize Records. One of the artists signed to this label is a chap called Siriusmo, who is a truly incredible artist. He really ought to be on a major label, IMO. I find it truly incredible how he incorporates short samples into his tracks almost seamlessly. One moment you're listening to a short disco fanfare, and then the next you're immersed in a not-even-remotely-disco synthscape, and you wonder where the transition is, and just can't find it.

His 2008 release Allthegirls really gets my groove on. The title track, Allthegirls gets repeated in various fashions all throughout the length of the album/EP. When I get the opportunity to DJ a school dance, the Girlsrock track is going to be in my reserve for the frequent times at my school when most the girls go sit down because there's a 1:4 guy-to-girl ratio.

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Allthegirls (Yuksek Remix)
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In my head, the Yuksek remix would mix well with the Phantom's Revenge remix of Grum's Sound Reaction.

Of course, Diskoding from several years ago also has some terrific tracks. The perfect blend of disco and electro. Disclectro. Discolectro. Elisctro. Something like that.

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So you heard the man... er... computerized female voice emulation... all you girls, get down!


Anonymous said...

ap ap ap!!!
this starts off my mix from last year !!!!

check it out, all my favourite tracks... still haven't found a mix that i liked better :P'


Che said...

nice post! quality tracks

Silverdust said...

About the girl stuff, you should really try "Hoes Get Down", from The High Powered Boys (Bobmo + Surkin). Excellent shit.