Wednesday, 29 July 2009

20 years of ravey goodness.

Orbital have been around for 20 years now, which, in music years, is forever. Last month their third hits comp "Orbital 20" dropped, and their ravey breakbeat techno is still sounding as fresh as ever. As well as spanning two decades of classic tunes with relative ease, the album also contains previously unreleased live recordings of "Impact (The Earth is Burning)" and "Remind", plus two brand new remixes, which I'll be bringing you today, alongside a couple of Orbital classics. So sit back, strap a couple of torches to the side of your head, and prepare for techno heaven.

Orbital - The Box [Right Click To Download]

Orbital - Belfast [Right Click To Download]

Orbital - Lush (Hervé's Tree and Leaf Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Orbital - Halcyon (Tom Middleton Re-Model) [Right Click To Download]

Crap, three posts in a row. I really should slow down...

Keep it lush,


James C said...

what a fucking classic. i love belfast. i think my favorite bit of orbital has to be the live recording of halcyon from glastonbury. very naaaice.

stevie.e said...

ahhhhh orbital. great work, as always, keep it up fellas.

Anonymous said...

stoked on that orbital remix by herve! What a track!