Friday, 10 July 2009

BBC Mix Exclusive : Erol Alkan [FIXED]

Today im just presenting a certain DJs first radio mix into the BBC Radio residency (since december): Erol Alkan. This 2 hour mix shows us just what he can pull off doing some DJ'ing on a radio. And I have to say its pure sex all the way. at the beginning erol alkan tells us that some of these tracks he's put on here are merely exclusive to this only,including when he later begins to actually DJ in the show,(in the last 30 minutes) where the tracklist is unknown. his commentary about the music on here and later news is quite intriguing,so be sure not to skip that. over all, the mix is quite nice and lovely and is sure to keep people intrigued and listening through all two hours of it.

Here is the Tracklist:
Part 1:

Yas – Get It Right
Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Tiga 1,2,3,4 Mix)

Duchess Says – Tenen No Neu
Cassius – Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes
Pink Stallone – Swiss Ambulance
Horse Meat Disco – Silly Bones

King Biscuit Time – I Walk The Earth
George Issakidis and Speedy J – Sculpture
Manic Street Preachers – Peeled Apples (Andrew Weatherall remix)
Laurent Garnier – Pay TV (Emperor Machine Remix)
Vitalic – Teminator Benalux
Kerrier District – Disco Nasty

50 Foot Hose – The Things That Concern You

Erol's Blur B Side Bonanza (Part 2):
Blur – Young and Lovely

Surismo – Gummiband
Clark – Growls Garden
Thriller – Freak For You
Banjo or Freakout – Someone Great
Warpaint – Billy Holiday
The XX – Crystalised

Erol Live In The Mix (part 3):
Secret Tracklist

The file size is huge: it weighs at a whopping 165 MB, so be sure to check and see if you have enough space to fill this monster. If you want a lower quality, contact someone who has this in a lower file size because my internet sucks at the moment and it took me forever to get this as it is. sorry but I am not going to do this all over again.
Oh and please ignore any news not relating to Alkan on this mix. Its a week old.

Erol Alkan - BBC 6 Mix [right click to download]

Have an excellent summer and enjoy this radio mix.



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Re-upped :)