Monday, 13 July 2009

Filthy Gorgeous

I'm really into Filthy Dukes right now. They're what The Whip would be like if their guitars were replaced with more synths. I've still yet to buy their album "Nonsense In The Dark", but the three singles I've heard are fantastic, so no doubt I soon will. They've also done some absolutely beast remixes of bands like White Lies, Bloc Party and Late Of The Pier.

Their newest single "Messages" came out today, which is the main reason I'm sharing these little diamonds with you all. Yes, these are diamonds. The word "gems" doesn't do them justice. Speaking of which, a word to every published newspaper and magazine out there: STOP COMPARING FILTHY DUKES TO JUSTICE. THEY SOUND NOTHING ALIKE.

Filthy Dukes - Messages [Right Click To Download]

Filthy Dukes - Light Skips Cross Heart [Right Click To Download]

White Lies - To Lose My Life (Filthy Dukes Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it filthy,


prez jordan said...

Wow sounds like Justice!

Ed Banger Kids said...

Justice and Filthy dukes alike? Bwahaha. Ah. what a good laugh.

BURN's remix of messages!! = awesome

Joe said...

I saw one review that said "Nonsense In The Dark" was "what Daft Punk's third album should have been like". While I normally hate it when people are compared to DP, I must say... I kind of agreed. I was a bit underwhelmed by "Human After All".

Emm said...

love filthy dukes, thanks for the songs!

Nonsense in the Dark has to be my song of the summer, its just amazing. no doubt they will be catching on soon