Sunday, 19 July 2009

Fresh From The Oven

2 brand new tracks for you today. Both these tracks are less than 3 weeks old, so get them while they are hot!

First off is Cassius' new single, Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes. Im the first to admit i dont like the vocals, but the instrumntal is very well done.
Although i think Cassius arent as good as they were 10 years ago, this is quite enjoyable.

Cassius - Youth Speed Trouble Cigarettes [right click to download]

And last but not least, the one you've been all waiting for, Duck Sauce!

This is a true comeback to the late 90's, by 2 of the best, A-Trak and Armand Van Helden.

You've got everything that represents a French House track. Long vocals sample, a cool beat, effects (theres even a flanger!), an awesome main riff, you name it.

If you think that the French House revival hasnt started, you better think again.

Duck Sauce - aNYway [right click to download]


Yipee kay-yay,


Joe said...

Duck Sauce has been on repeat on my stereo for the last few days. Proper disco banger.

Bastille said...

Duck Sauce! So good!

Louis La Roche said...

Final Edition - I Can Do It

Jonathan said...

Whaaat! What's up with everybody - the Cassius track is soooo fresh! Much Fresher than a track and van's track. Come on, nothing but harder drums on an old sample - done so many times before.