Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Game Boy Daftness

Ever wondered what Daft Punk sounds like in a GameBoy? No? Well, wonder no more!

Da Chip is a compilation of covers of Daft Punk tracks using GameBoy sounds, a style also known as chiptune.

I admit this isnt really my kind of sound, but i did enjoy this compilation a lot, mainly due to the creativity of these guys to creat tracks from scratch out of game consoles.

If this style develops a bit (like including vocals and samples), it can go far in the electronic genre.

There are no Human After All tracks, but the official website has a few bonus, and amongst them are a couple of HAA.

You can download the compilation from the website, or from here.

And my 2 favourites from the compilation:

Random - Short Circuit [right click to download]

EvilWezil - Veridis Quo [right click to download]



1 comment:

Cheets said...

Good to see some chiptune love.
Chiptune doesn't have to be straight up electronic sounds though (although it's pretty good - check out USK). Check out Anamanaguchi (drums, guitar and a Famicom) The Depreciation Guild (shoegaze) or some of the earlier stuff from she (more electro/pop/not straight chip)... some good stuff there all in the realms of chiptune.