Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I swear...

I swear this is the last this blog with contribute to the media circus surrounding Michael Jackson's death. Sure it's sad he's dead, but the world doesn't stop when a celeb dies, however much they were loved or hated in their life. I'm beginning to get tired of seeing his name at the top of Elbo.ws' popular artists list everyday. In fact I was reluctant to post today, but I found these two brilliant remixes of "Beat It" in MP3 format, so I figured I should share them. So rest in peace Michael, but now I'm going to move on.

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Boys Noize "Eat It" Bootleg) [Right Click To Download]

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Moby's Sub Mix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,


Hosta said...

Getting so sick of hearing MJ remixes, its all we get sent these days. I didnt post the first batch and im not going to post any now!

I was over it a month ago. (not slating your blog, just the whole MJ remix thing in general)

Peace. Rub A Dub Dub

SteveA said...

thanks for these they are great. I heard that Beat It was supposed to be MJ's attempt to My Sharona (by the Knack), which was a song he liked.

Joe said...

@Hosta - Exactly, I agree with you. I'm just posting these because I like the remixes, not as another "MICHAEL JACKSON DIED OMFG" memorial post. We already posted those when it first happened.

Christal said...

Thanks Joe. MJ was a HUGE part of my formative years (maybe you guys are too young...). I just can't understand how anyone could hear MJ and not feel an overwhelming urge to dance. I don't enjoy listening to these remixes any more now than before he died. It's about the same. They always make me feel like dancing, which makes my soul happy. So, thanks for posting Joe!

untravaersil said...

I think Mobys Beat It remix was used in Zoolander during the scene where they're modeling clothes against each other.