Monday, 27 July 2009

I'm back bitchuz...

Aaahhh... Remember the good old days when GOOD tracks went to number 1?

Pete Heller - Big Love (Pete Heller's Original Mix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,


Anonymous said...

Love this Track.
Heard it 2 weeks ago on a summer open air down here in Cologne.
The Sun was shining and when this Track dropped, the crowed went mad.
A lot of Love was in the Air!!!

Keep going,

prophetfp said...

One of the best tracks in the history of house music, i remember like it was yesterday when i was dancing to this...and we're talking almost 10 years ago. thanks for the good memories :)

Morgan said...

Cheers for posting this. Timeless. Played the vinyl this weekend in a set and it continues to move people on the dancefloor.



meleebeats said...

i've been doing "filtered fridays" over on my blog at - if you like stuff like this, you'll definitely dig the mixes :)

dvdjamm said...

Great song...If there's a list of classic dance songs,this should be on it

DJ Joyride said...


Antoine said...

Number one ? Where ?