Monday, 6 July 2009

Just Because Its So Awesome

I know i'm consecutive posting and i am sorry,but this must be posted.If you dont know Kavinsky,then look at this post. If you know Kavinsky,then look at it anyway. This man is an incredibly talented DJ that makes music that reminds us all of those 80s videogame soundtracks,but 100 times better. Though the track im going to post isnt new,i had only listened to it last night,and....oh my god. I never heard anything that ever rivaled the testarossa songs!. This is simply amazing. The tracks name is 1986 and is on his Limited release blazer EP (why he named the other EP 1986, i have no clue). So I HAD to post this song. For any newbies out there,this track should get you liking him pretty fast.

Kavinsky - 1986 [right click to download]

And because this is Awesome too...

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive [right click to download]

Finally, requested by Ed Banger Kids:

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn remix) [right click to download]

Here you go kiddo :)

Go nuts. Go Kavinsky



Anonymous said...

this is a pretty old song mayn

Gymtonic said...

i cannot get over how awesome testarossa autodrive is :D

Ed Banger Kids said...

SebastiAn remix!

Gavin said...

the remix is put up as requested. and to mr anonymous, i put things up here not because its new or old,but whether i think its cool or not. And Gym,Testarossa is pure awesomeness

Ed Banger Kids said...

thanks niteshade! sebastiAn remix is simply beautiful.

digs said...

totally awesome.

Kavinsky is at his own league.

no one can compare to his image -

Dead cruiser is also one on my favourite.

Berri said...

Nice track....

Keep up the good work.


Boba Fettuccini said...

Check your facts dude. 1986 was released on a limited edition picture disc through Record Makers. It's not an unreleased track, it's just rare. ;)