Sunday, 26 July 2009

Just Do It... Do The Dada

Hi there,

I just got back from a three week holiday in Spain (Barcelona) to recharge my batteries, but now that I've rejoined the living (gaining acces to the interwebz) I've got something to share with you...

You might remember a time when I first posted about a Swedish duo called Dada Life, good news for the lovers of their tunes. A good time ago they released a new album called Just Do The Dada.
I won't be doing a song by song review, I'll just talk about the most interesting songs in the bunch. It's just my style of doing reviews, attracting you to buying it with some honey to help support these great artists.

First up, their first released single of the new disc, Happy Hands and Happy Feet.

Dada Life - Happy Hands And Happy Feet [right click to download]

Unlike their early material, no soft buildup/long intro on this one. A warning for things to come: more pounding basslines and darker overall compositions.
It keeps getting darker from the start to the end, but while those creeping noises increases, the sex level of them tunes goes up ass well, this might explain the sweathy videoclip (Youtube folks, learn when to use it).

Second one, Sweet Little Bleepteen.

Dada Life - Sweet Little Bleepteen [right click to download]

Early start in this one as well, bleeeeeeep. Bassline that blanks out your head ... nice ... song ... ...

Next one, Don't Snort The Yellow Snow (seriously, never try it).

Dada Life - Don't Snort The Yellow Snow [right click to download]

It strangely sounds like a mosquito sneezing... with a spacy breakdown in the center. Pretty interesting, must be what happens when you actually snort it, seeing pink huge mosquitos in space.

As they say, it's all about having fun fun fun, and this album is no exception, the cleverness of the songtitles, the fun vocals...
But Dada Life is open for change, the disting soft/calm structures have changed to some more obscure songs. The snares are even more distorted, they are growing up musically.

Other great songs on the album: Perfect Itch, Love Vibrations, No Need For Machines (and the rest of the album).

And as a litlle extra one of their older songs for the lovers. Cause it's all about having Fun Fun Fun

Dada Life - Fun Fun Fun [right click to download]

Now I'm gonna see Moby live, wootwoot
Enjoy, Mr. Brown

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