Friday, 3 July 2009

Lifelike Part II: New Life

I am on a freaking Lifelike diet right now.

(Click Image)

Daft Punk has Discovered, and I'm betting that before long, someone will cook up a Justice samples album. I figured since Lifelike is pretty amazing too, he might as well get One of his own, so I tracked down all the samples listed on Ishkur (electronic music info database, for thoe of you who don't know), and some that weren't.

Funny story behind this: Evil Stereo identified the Sister Sledge sample in Soul Of My Love without even hearing the song. He just saw that the lyrics being sung by the female vocalists near the end of Soul Of My Love were exactly the same as a title of a Sister Sledge song. I tracked down the Sister Sledge song, and sure enough... yeah, there's another sample. Lifelike, you scoundrel!

Anyway. Go ahead and click the cover to download. Sorry, not all the files are the same bitrate, and a few are rather low, but that's all I could find.

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kevin said...

amazing work! thanks so much for this