Tuesday, 7 July 2009

One Hell of a DJ

Today I bring upon you one of the dirtiest electro/new wave/techno DJs from Germany. though you may not know (or like) him, i am quite stunned with this DJ just by listening to his EP, The Disaster. i am going to give you guys a couple of tracks to see how badass he truly is. His Name is DJ Hell and he is just about as hardcore as you can get.

First off: the Disaster. I must warn you this song is a whole lot like rollin and scratchin from DP being that it is completely and utterly repetitive into oblivion. But man this track is just as insane as R&S though i guarantee you this will annoy the crap out of anybody within a 25 foot radius. At an incredibly long 10 and a half minutes,you will either LOVE it or want to kill your ears.

DJ Hell - The Disaster (Original Mix) [right click to download]

The InkNeedle Remix however, is much more easier on the ears as it is less repetitive and still insane. It has different synths, new drum beats,and effects that make you ant to groove. plus, its only 7 and a half minutes long. If you are a hardcore, electro fan,these are for you.

DJ Hell - The Disaster (Ink Needle Remix) [right click to download]

And finally,there is Bodyfarm 2. This track sort of reminds me of kraftwerk with the robotic vocals and uber sexy beats. I like this so much cuz of how different it is compared with the disaster's very heavy electro and insane repetition. plus its somewhat catchy (somewhat).

DJ Hell - Bodyfarm 2 [right click to download]

I understand If you guys dont like him too much. He is somewhat of an acquired taste. Try to enjoy him anyway. :)

Raising some Hell,

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Super Excelent fine stuff