Friday, 3 July 2009

Quick review: La Roux

OK, since I just started my summer break, I'm trying to take a rest. So rather than doing a track-by-track as I normally do when I review albums, I'll just do a quickie today.

It's amazing how quickly people can become so famous nowadays. It seems like just yesterday I first saw Elly Jackson's red quiff slashing its way across NME's Radar section before she'd even played her first gig, and now here she is, less than a year down the line, with two number 1 singles and appearances at the Glastonbury and Lollapalooza festivals under her belt. With all the hype and eager anticipation of her debut album, I was beginning to fear that Elly, along with her partner-in-crime producer Ben Langmaid, might crack under the pressure and deliver us a debut of absolute bollocks.

Fortunately, my fears went unfounded. The album's a blinder, a collection of short and snappy pop songs oozing 80s nostalgia from every available orifice. With tracks like the spunky "Tigerlily", with its bitcrushed keys and creepy spoken-word segment that sounds sampled but is actually done by Elly's dad, the sweet "Cover My Eyes", a tender lovesong that proves Elly and Ben are not just one-trick ponies, and early Kitsuné release "Quicksand" which remains a highlight of this album, La Roux's self-titled debut offers a lot more than just those singles.

My overall score for the album is a fantastic 9/10. Now here are my picks...

La Roux - Tigerlily [Right Click To Download]

La Roux - Bulletproof [Right Click To Download]

La Roux - Colourless Colour [Right Click To Download]

And just because it's so god-damn good...

La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix) [Right Click To Download]

Keep it funky,


Maria José said...

thanxx for the remix of Bullterproof!!

Anonymous said...

thanx Joe for the review and picks.La Roux are new to me,but not for long!!!awesome stuff