Sunday, 12 July 2009

Random Tracks I Find And Like Vol.1

Now its my turn to get a series. Mine will be about several random tracks i find during these past few weeks and that i find saying to myself "Hum, this is quite good."
Some might be old, some might be new, but who cares about that, right?

So, on we go.

First off is Heads We Dance. We had major sucess when we posted Don Diablo's remix of their single, When The Sirens Sound.
Here is another remix of that single, this time by American duo, Hot Pink Delorean.
Its a very rocky remix, but that will get you jumping around quickly.


Now another new track, by another regular, The Bloody Beetroots. A lot of people have been saying that their tracks are getting a bit same-old same-old, but this one is different.
Their remix of Play Paul's new project, Ryskee, is very melodic and along with their Killers remix, it might show off a better, less insane side of The Bloody Beetroots.

Honestly, i think its a turn for the better and i hope they keep on going with this kind of stuff.

Ryskee - Leave Me Amor (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) [right click to download]

Now, lets rewind a couple of years and lets talk about Pnau. I got their album a couple weeks ago and i regret not getting it sooner. Its a very good album, and if you like MGMT or Empire Of The Sun (which is actually, a side project of one of the members of Pnau), i recommend you to get this album.

But this song, Embrace, is just so beautiful. I had the Fred Falke & Miami Horror remix of it, but the original beats the crap out of it.
Its quite capable of being one of my alltime favourites.

Pnau - Embrace [right click to download]

And finally, lets rewind 10 years. You heard Cassius' new single and if you havent, just scroll down a bit. To be honest, the vocals in it are crap, but the instrumental is quite nice.
Anyway, back to 1999. This track is known from its DJ Falcon remix, a popular French House track, which was idely supported by Daft Punk in their sets.
The original is also fantastic, and i love the buzzing sound of it. (actually, the track name is "The Fly" in french)
Its a classic that will live on for years and years. Oh, and i love the beggining sample.

Cassius - La Mouche [right click to download]


Running faster than my legs can take me,


Nico said...

I suspect you to have robbed my blog's name :O lol. I should have put a © next to it to earn the author's fees :-(
Anyway, my favourite PNAU song is « With You Forever » and my Cassius one is « Toop Toop », so rocky :)

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