Thursday, 16 July 2009

Random Tracks I Find And Like Vol.2

On this volume we're are going a bit on the extremes. From something a bit odd, to something melodic and finishing on something to make ears bleed.

We start off with DatA. Rapture was one of my first posts and this track is from the same album, Skywriter. I say its weird, especially because of the vocoder, which Breakbot uses on this track. I cant understand a word of what he's saying, and probably isnt to be understood. Anyway, i really enjoy this track because of its smoothness, despite the un-understandable vocoded vocals.

DatA - So Much in Love [right click to download]

Next, Lifelike. We know Boba has a man crush on and he posted almost all the tracks he's done. But he's forgotten one. His latest, Sunset.
With the help of Yota on the vocals, who ever she is, this track is fantastically well made, very melodic, long and calm.

Lifelike - Sunset [right click to download]

And we finish off with a remix. Les Petits Pilous are a german duo, part of Boys Noize Records. I have posted a couple of remixes they did, and they are insane.
This one is no exception. Its a remix of Etienne de Crécy and Monsieur Jo's Hannukah.
It starts off quite similar to the original, but the synth halfway in will blow your head off.

Etienne De Crecy And Monsieur Jo - Hannukah (Les Petits Pilous Remix) [right click to download]


Hoping tomorrow is nice,

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Colour said...

Etienne De Crecy And Monsieur Jo - Hannukah (Les Petits Pilous Remix)

Hardcore much?
Love it. 10/10!