Friday, 3 July 2009

Some stuff.

I guess since everyone's going on this big summer track kick, I'll share some of my summer tracks.

First off, with a little self promotion. This is "Trying To Catch Your Heart" from my upcoming Power Love EP coming out July 17th, exclusively on Power Glove Records. You'll want to get this one when it comes out, it has some pretty nifty bangers that I'm sure you'll love.

My second summer track this July will by Mylo - In My Arms, which samples the same song as Trying To Catch Your Heart. Cheap? Yeah, maybe, but the two are so totally different, it's ok, right?

Mylo - In My Arms
[Right Click To Download]

More Mylo. Paris 400. I heard the Sebastian remix of this one a long time ago, but never knew how amazingly different the original was. You will now have "Make the nonny no-no!" running through your head all day.

Mylo - Paris 400
[Right Click To Download]

No summer is complete without Soul Bells.

Le Knight Club - Soul Bells
[Right Click To Download]

And here's a great obscure DJ Sneak track that I got. Rockin, from his The Funkrockdiscopartything LP that came out a couple years ago. Up til today, an MP3 has never graced the blogs.

DJ Sneak - Rockin
[Right Click To Download]

and one last goody.

Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow (Todd Edwards Main Mix)
[Right Click To Download]

Stay cool, and have a great summer.


prez jordan said...

Woah, what happened? You left some spaces in the mp3 titles, and some flash players don't have the artist and title above them. :(

untravaersil said...

That Mix of yours, Boba, is pretty sweet. I always that Mylo's "In My Arms" worked well with Cabin Crew's "Waiting for a Star to Fall".

Also, can you post some Cabin Crew? Aside from the youtube remixes, its hard to find a decent mp3 of it.

Joe said...

4 posts in one day... Damn, MOAR BASS PLZ part 5 will have to wait.

Boba Fettuccini said...

I'm not sure, Jordan. Everything was in order when I hit submit. :S

Boba Fettuccini said...

@Untravaersil: I have never heard that track until you asked. I went and looked it up. Goddammit, it sounds so much like mine :(

Got a good MP3 though.

untravaersil said...

Much Thanks, Boba! I owe you one!

Boba Fettuccini said...

I take mastercard and visa. ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah, that cabin crew track was completely riding the coat tails of mylo's success. i think it was done by some aussies.