Sunday, 12 July 2009

Vertigo 005 - Week's Start

NOTE: Volume 006 will most likely be posted tomorrow, so stay tuned!

I was going through my recent posts, before I realized I hadn't posted any Vertigo yet. What the hell is that? So vertigo has to be one of top 3 favorite French House labels. I'd love to go on and say it's my favorite, but I'm scared the Crydamoure/Roulé gods would strike me dead. Let's settle on top 3.

To keep things interesting, I am not going to post my favorite release, but one of them. To me, Gile is the king of house - a trait clearly expressed in Vertigo Vol. 5 - Week's Start. This EP is so good and funky, that I can't get around to expressing why. It has a perfect blend of funk and soul, and the sampling is beyond incredible. For some reason, the opening lightness of the EP does not bore me, even when I'm on my hard-electro kicks.

Week's Start contains three funktastic tracks, all centered around three quick, funky, and soulful samples, let's go over each track.

Image courtesy of Solid Goldberger

The first track, Furious Funk has to be the most appropriately-titled french house song ever. The annoying horn sample is strangely intoxicating, and the original-sounding drum beat makes things interesting. One thing I didn't like about this one, the reggae-esque vocals kill me. Otherwise, this track is a perfect French House tune to listen to at any given time.

Gile - Furious Funk [right click to download]

Discolor starts off pretty boring, but slowly unfolds to a funky-as-hell disco Smörgåsbord that sounds like something out of Le Knight Club (pun). Although it's my least favorite tune from Furious Week, this song is pretty much flawless. Unfortuately, there isn't much to say about it.

Gile - Discolor [right click to download]

To end things off, let's go back to the start - Week's Start. This song sounds high-octane from 0:01 and continues for nearly 5 minutes. This track is probably my favorite from the whole EP, but then again I'm not much of a reference, I change musical likings constantly. The horn blasts and the the tremolo leads come together to make one of the best French House tunes I've heard in a rather long time. The female vocals loop seamlessly and the whole song comes together nicely. A nice way to end, or rather start, a Furious Week.

Gile - Week's Start [right click to download]

Get funky, get furious, get french,
Prez Jordan


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Gymtonic said...

vertigo been no3? nooo, we rock is 3rd :D although gile is very good, raw man is better :P

although i must say born in heaven is one of my all time faves XD

Bastille said...

I've been doing a little History of French House feature on my blog that I figured you might be interested in. Also gave your blog a shout out as one of my sources for the genre. This shit needs to be brought back.