Friday, 3 July 2009

You Blow My Mind... Cuz You're So Fine

Today i am giving you some of my favorite all time songs and mixes from modjo. These Tracks are sure to get you moving this summer!

The First Track and one of its most well known tracks,Lady,is a stunning masterpiece that gets people moving with its incredible lyrics. TEDDS Remix (known as TEDD-Lady Riding)is a badass example Of a Summer song going electro. Its one of the best mixes i have heard of it. ever.

Don't Be Fooled by the Name: its a Remix of Modjo

T.E.D.D - Lady Riding (Modjo Remix) [right click to download]

Then there is Chillin,a very disco like tune with catchy vocals and a beat that will make you relive the 70s. You Know,Minus the drugs and all.

Modjo - Chillin' [right click to download]

And what can be better than Buffalo bunch's groovin mix of this already awesome song?
Its less disco and more house but hell,its a epic choon in my opinion.

Modjo - Chillin' (Buffalo Bunch Remix) [right click to download]

Last,but most certainly not least, a wicked Stardust/Modjo Mashup. I Just wish it didnt end so abruptuly.

Modjo Vs Stardust - Lady,The Music Sounds Better With You [right click to download]

Keep on groovin for the summer



Joe said...

t.e.d.d = win

Bastille said...

I stumbled upon this remix a while ago, and I can't stop playing it on repeat (it's been like 3 months now).
Lady (Tom Reason Remix) - Modjo
Haven't been able to find out anything about Tom Reason, but he made such an incredible electro house interpretation of space disco. Love it. - Lady (Tom Reason Remix) .mp3