Monday, 3 August 2009

Album Review: Romborama (Part 1/3)

01. Romborama (ft. All Leather)
02. Have Mercy On Us (ft. Cécile)
03. Storm
04. Awesome (Feat. The Cool Kids)
05. Cornelius
06. It’s Better A DJ On 2 Turntables
07. Talkin’ In My Sleep (ft. Lisa Kekaula)
08. 2nd Streets Have No Name (ft. Beta Bow)
09. Butter
10. Warp 1.9 (ft. Steve Aoki)
11. Fucked From Above 1985
12. Theolonius (The Voodoo King)
13. Yeyo (ft. Rawman)
14. Little Stars (ft. Vicarious Bliss)
15. Warp 7.7 (Feat. Steve Aoki)
16. Make Me Blank (ft. J*Davey)
17. House N° 84
18. Mother
19. I Love The Bloody Beetroots
20. Anacletus
21. Come La (ft. Marrakech) (Bonus Track)

I've been waiting for this album for quite a long time now, and fortunately i dont have to wait another 3 weeks before i can get my hands on it.

This review is going to be a 3-part review, mainly because the album has so many tracks (unusual for a debut album, usually they have less than 15 tracks), but also because every track is so different.
This part is pretty much an introduction of whats to come in the next 2 parts.

The album is extremely diverse. Even though they have been releasing tracks left and right, they still managed to create 11 brand new tracks, and no interludes. Sure, most of them are 3 minutes long and the longest is only 5:47, but still, quite a feat.

As you can see by the guest artists, this album is variate. It has hip-hop, it has fidget, it has house, it has electro, it has pop, it has it all.

And yet, it always has that classic Beetroot sound, with hard bass drums, heavy synths and general insanity. Classic is also has a strong influence on this album, with some tracks being quite melodic.

Even though only half the tracks are brand new, most of the others have been edited and tweaked, like Storm and Talkin' In My Sleep.

This album is very interesting and quite surprising, knowing what they have done before in their tracks. You wouldn't expect the Beetroots doing some of the tracks on this album.

But i have been going on for to long on this intro. Tomorrow ill begin reviewing the tracks 1 by 1.

In the meantime, heres one for you.

The Bloody Beetroots - Yeyo (feat. Raw Man) [right click to download]


Insanity is promised,


Joe said...

Why isn't Rombo on that tracklist?

Alex said...

Good question.

I was surprised Rombo and Yeah Boy werent in it, and tracks like Storm and FFA 1985 are in.