Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Best Of Valerie

What's Valerie, you ask.

Valerie is a music blog that has evolved onto a label, whose artists are some of the main revivalists of the 80's sound. The Valerie Collective, as they call themselves, is consisted by College, Anoraak, Minitel Rose, Russ Chimes, The Outrunners and Maethelvin.
A couple of months ago, they released a compilation album called Valerie and Friends. This features new tracks from the Valerie guys and also people like SymbolOne, Moulinex, DVAS, etc...
I took a long time to decide what was my top 3, but now i know. Funnily enough, 2 of the 3 are by non-Valerie artists.

DVAS are a canadian duo from Montreal with a couple of EP's on their bag.
This track, called "Inner Sanctum" is fantastic, love the "brrrr" synth and its overall vibe.
For some reason, though, sounds like a track that was made to be listened to on a cold day. Still, quite good.

DVAS - Inner Sanctum [right click to download]

Keenhouse is an American man from LA, already with an album done.
The track "Deep In The Forest" is the first on his album and 6th on this compilation.
The robotic sounding vocals are awesome and it has a great intrumental to go along with it. The instrumental is also very well done and its very happy sounding.

Keenhouse - Deep In The Forest [right click to download]

Maethelvin is the only Valerie artist that i was talking about. This nerdy-looking Frenchy from Nantes has in this compilation the shortest track, at 3:16.
This track, "Lost In The Big City" sounds like it should be on a movie or on a sci-fi show. Its great to listen to and its a must for those 80's revival fans.

Maethelvin - Lost In Big City [right click to download]

And now, two bonuses, because i wont be posting for a week. Finally gonna have vacations. Going up north to a hotel. I will be around, but its ulikely that i will post.

Both have some 80's sounds.


Ok, this one is a bit different, but who cares, its still bloody awesome.

DatA - Paste Back [right click to download]


A sanctum runaway lost in the forest with a bad back,


Joe said...

What? No love for Russ Chimes or Xinobi?

Alex said...

Lots. But in that compilation, these are better imo.

prez jordan said...

Damn good music, you never cease to amaze me with your collection haha

Funkow said...

GRUM's song is AWSUM

untravaersil said...

Listening to inner sanctum, and your right. It does feel right for a cold day. Crydamoures Holiday on Ice does that better though.

Cheets said...

Not sure why I didn't get into this sooner. I'd heard of Anoraak before and was into his stuff... ah well. Got this now, it's good stuff