Monday, 24 August 2009

Dark House Vol 2: Review. Finally!

So back in November, when it was raining and gloomy outside I found myself downloading music, as you do. And I stumbled upon the great EP that was Dark House by the wonderful Dark DJ, it combined his almost 'signature' sound of Dark: the thumping beats and the loud synths with some sexy, chopped samples smothered on top. Gym likey.

Then I kinda forgot about that EP for while until I downloaded Dark House: Volume Two, and by God was an improvement. I already loved the first volume and couldn't wait to listen to this.

The first track on the EP is Power Cruise, I kinda felt this track went on for too long but I still liked it nonetheless. 6/10.

Dark DJ - Power Cruise [right click to download]

Next up is Numbers, my personal favourite from the EP with the funky bassline starting off I already knew I was going to like it. I couldn't hear if there was a sample in this track, but I still love it, especially the breakdown at the 3:51 mark. 9/10.

Dark DJ - Numbers [right click to download]

Enterprise appears next starting off with an in-your-face screech which I admit, does get annoying at first but you don't really mind it after the first listen, defiantly an acquired taste. 5/10

Dark DJ - Enterprise [right click to download]

No new schools here, Old Skool is the second to last track before Old Skool II, taking no time in introducing you into the song it's straight in. Probably my 2nd favourite track. 8/10

Old Skool II is the closing track on Dark House: Volume 2, which is essentially the same as Old Skool but with a different sample from the same song, kinda like Le Knight Club - Hysteria & Hysteria II! 8/10
Dark DJ - Old Skool [right click to download]

Dark DJ - Old Skool II [right click to download]

Overall, I give Dark House: Volume 2 a nice big 7/10 :D

And saying goodbye from my first review I've ever done,
gym :)

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Boba Fettuccini said...

Quite bluntly, I think you were a bit too generous in you scoring. Way too generous. But this IS without a doubt far better than the last Dark House, and Dark is steadily getting better with each release.