Saturday, 8 August 2009

Dutch Disco Goodness

Leonardus has been getting a fair bit of blog buzz recently, and for good reason. He's been knocking out sleek house nuggets left right and centre. That is, he's releasing stuff frequently, but not so frequently that every new track makes me want to kill myself. Yes, Don Diablo, that was a stab at you. Now, I'm going to leave you with the tracks before I go any more off topic. Toodle pip!

Leonardus - Twist [right click to download]

Leonardus - Smile [right click to download]

Leonardus - Get You, Baby [right click to download]

Leonardus & Le Babar - Your Eyes [right click to download]

Leonardus & Le Babar - Your Eyes (Thony Ritz Filtered And Cut On The Beach Remix) [right click to download]

EDIT: Apologies, the "Your Eyes" player doesn't work for some reason. You'll just have to download the track to hear it. It's worth it, trust me :D

Keep it funky,


Leonardus said...

Hey Joe,

Thx for showing my tracks.
I appreciate it!



Joe said...

You're very welcome :)

Cheets said...

Wow this is some good stuff. Twist is one of the best house tracks I've heard in a while. Excellent - another great discovery

asdfffdsa said...

Your Eyes and Smile are great! Definitely keepers, and I'll be keeping my eye on this Leonardus guy too!

Anonymous said...

broken links