Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Five Weeks Fuel (Oh Kelly...)

Sadly, camp policy didn't allow us to listen to music during the day while campers were around. I managed to squeeze in some music time in the morning and late evening on occasion, however, and that's largely what kept me sane the entire time.

Today's post will be on the music that kept me going for five weeks, and some of the songs other staffers introduced me to.

First off, is Kelly by Van She. THis is my official Summer 2009 tune. I just love it.

Van She - Kelly
[Right Click To Download]

Second off is a lovely French Canadian electropop tune my bunkmate introduced to me. Tout est Parfait by Numero. Sounds pretty awesome.

Numéro - Tout est Parfait
[Right Click To Download]

Cheezy as sports arena nachos, yes, but next up is the ever famous Numa Numa song, except it's the Made-For-America version. We had several dance parties based entirely around this song. Watching your program director doing the Numa Numa dance while singing along in a terrible falsetto is just... priceless. Almost as priceless as listening to him sing his cleaned-up version of I'm On A Boat. "I'm on a BOAT mother/father don't you EVER forget! I'm on a dolphin doing flips and shenanigans!"

O-Zone - Numa Numa
[Right Click To Download]

There you have it. My sanity laid bare.

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prez jordan said...

Tout est parfait has one of the best openings i've ever heard