Friday, 21 August 2009

Great Mashups

I know mashups aren't one of the things I normally post, but I have some I just had to share.

We all know and love Evil Stereo. He's amazing. He's brilliant. He does it all: great originals, some great remixes, and now a really tight mashup. Some people say mashing-up isn't an art form because it's just mixing two things together and no original input. BOGUS. It's very much like cooking. Yeah, it's mixing stuff together... but if you suck at making them taste good when mixed, then you fail. It's an art.

Thony Ritz vs. DJ Mehdi
[Right Click To Download]

And... um... I'm pretty new to mashups. I've never been able to make a successful mashup before, but I started experimenting with some of those acapellas I found. What do you guys think? Pretty basic, yeah, but I think it works.

Eric Prydz vs. Pat Benatar
[Right Click To Download]

Enjoy, and please leave your feedback :D


prez jordan said...

not bad! but i love pjanoo so much that i was a wee bit offended

untravaersil said...

A friend of mine is a dj (nobody special, mostly does bar mitzvahs) but I occasionally spin a few tracks with him at his house. I once asked how he thinks up of interesting mixes, and his response:

"Use Stardusts Music Sounds Better with You. That song mixes with goddamn everything. Also, having a bunch of acapellas and an excessive amount of DnB or trance tracks helps, and just playing around for hours is what you do from there."

Boba Fettuccini said...

Oh God no. I hate DnB, and trance is just plain irritating. But yeah. I mean, got lots of ideas just messing with those. Who would've guessed that R.E.M. could mash with songs like Lady and WSBWY?

Joe said...

I hate trance, but I quite like some of the DnB that's around today (High Contrast, Sub Focus, etc.)

And I highly agree with mashing-up taking skill. It's a bit like DJing. While it might not take a vast amount of skill to sync up two beats on a computer, finding songs that work well together is a lot harder.

Anonymous said...

Hey boba, I've a mashup track maybe you want to listen to, check

Anonymous said...

Thony Ritz - great track! tnx!

Kevin L. said...


Eric Prydz vs. Pat Benatar!! FUCKING AWESOME!!!

I was like..oh...who mixed this? and then i read that you did and i'm like WTF AWESOME.

keep it up

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?