Thursday, 5 November 2009

[GXC 006] Poka Blast From The Past


Things have been slow here, and I apologize greatly. In an attempt to make everything all better, I am going to post one of my top 5 favorite EPs, courtesy of Poka's amazing sampling. I'll try and do an ad-lib review too. Enjoy it in 320 kbps :)

The 4 tracks on this January 20, 2009 release are so good it almost hurts to write about them, because I want you all to appreciate them. As the title suggests, Poka works his magic on the mixers, taking old (some new) disco tunes and screwing with them to make beautiful french house. Released under Galaxie Comete Records, Poka's Blast From The Past EP delivers hard.

To kick things off in a powerful way, let's talk about the first track, Here It Comes. It does everything perfect - it's not too repetitive, the flow is good, and the beats are simply flawless. I can listen to this one for days. Be careful, the mp3's pretty loud. A great way to kick off a great EP, and getting a nice (9 / 10) along the way.

Poka - Here It Comes [right click to download]

The second track is, in my opinion, the worst track on the EP. To me, it just starts off too slow and action doesn't kick in in time for me to stay interested. Maybe there are just too many vocals for my taste. But hey, all french house is good house, am I right? This one's an (8 / 10). While it may be slow, it takes a sharp turn for the better.

Poka - Like It [right click to download]

The next tune is by far my favorite. The sample will sound extremely familiar to you, and it's just used flawlessly. The piano and cut up vocals are just overall pleasing to the ears. The opening is strong, and the song just keeps delivering over and over again. Easily one of my favorite french house tracks, earning a solid too-good-to-be-limited-to-any-other-number (10 / 10)

Poka - My Love Is Here To Stay [right click to download]

Lastly, a remix. While I wasn't a huge fan of this one, it's pretty damn good. To me, it just doesn't fit along with the light and airy feel of the other tracks. It's still pretty damn good, earning a solid (7.5 / 10). Sorry Disko Stars, just too repetitive for me.

Poka - Somebody Who Loves Me (The Disko Stars Edit) [right click to download]

Sorry I didn't write too much, I really wasn't sure how to approach this one, out of fear of ruining it. Overall, I give this EP an (9 / 10). As much as I'd love to give it a 9.5, the average's really don't let me.

Have fun listening to these, and we should be back on air as soon as the .com gets signed off to me.
Prez Jordan


asdfffdsa said...

Poka's "Here It Comes" samples from Delegation's "Heartache No. 9".

I highly recommend the original too. They're very similar.

dimitris said...

for a better version of Here it comes you can try this link :
thanx for the support :)
also to admins : if you want you can add the above link to your article instead of the old one , anyway thanx again and enjoy !