Friday, 14 August 2009

In The Dark Of The Nite... You Dazzled Me

So recently I was asked by a certain person called The Nite to do a post on one of their songs. You Dazzle Me is a French House style track featuring a light, floofy sort of sample and traditional cut/res filtering. But I didn't need to say all that, you can just listen for yourself!

The Nite - You Dazzle Me
[Right Click To Download]

You can hear more on the official The Nite myspace.

House 4 life!
Boba out.


Champiness said...

Lawl "floofy". An accurate description nonetheless.

untravaersil said...

Its an excellent track, but whats that bit at the end? it sounds like its about to loop before it gets cut off.

Club Cavalry said...

Silver Disco remix is so much better!

Ilictronix said...

Great tracks, but it's KILLING me what drum pack that kick is from. i know it's in some popular song but i can't put my finger on it