Monday, 17 August 2009

Introducing Club Calvary!

Yes, it's a small pic. In uploading, it's quality went POOF and disappeared. Oh well.
Edit: Fixed. -Alex.

Club Cavalry was our third PGR artist to sign on. Currently working on his Killer Macrame EP, PGR now presents you Club Cavalry's debut release to tie you over. With Love/The City is 100% House, implementing some of the best sampling the underground internet music scene has to offer. But why take my word for it? Take a listen and form your own opinion!

With Love (Extended)
[Right Click To Download]

With Love
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The City
[Right Click To Download]

Enjoy! Remember to check out Club Cavalry at his myspace! Power Glove Records' myspace is pretty rad too.


Joe said...

"The City" is an absolute belter, I've had it since even before he signed to PGR.

Although, try not to post new PGR stuff too frequently, because if you do then we'll probably get thrown off hypem.

prez jordan said...

They don't know it's him. It's cool he can post it.

Joe said...

Ahh kk

Boba Fettuccini said...

and we don't plan on having more than one release a month anyway. two got posted because on of them was released while I was gone.

prez jordan said...

Ah, you do a very nice job by the way, I'm liking this stuff.

prez jordan said...

The rhythm of With Love combined with the sample is just amazing, honestly sounds like something off of Vertigo to me, bravo.

Tyler said...

Something's wrong with these mp3's I can't download them :(

Anonymous said...

I really dont like these tracks! =[

Not that good at all!