Sunday, 23 August 2009

Joe's Essential Guide To 90s Dance, Part 6

B to the izzack with a new installment of the 90s Dance Guide. This time, I have two amazing house tracks for you.

Representing the early 90s today is the 1994 smash "The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)" from Kenny Dope's disco house project The Bucketheads (not affiliated with Buckethead the guitarist). The original version of this track stood at a whopping 14 minutes and 51 seconds, and was a metaphor for an actual bomb, opening with a sample of a preacher's sermon, leading into a long tribal drum beat (representing the fuse) and eventually into the main groove (the core of the bomb). For The Bucketheads album however, the track was drastically shortened to 3:24, removing the opening sermon and shortening the tribal beat. The song is recognised as a disco house classic and the French house scene was undoubtedly highly influenced by it.

The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Radio Edit)

And representing the late 90s today is a track I'm sure you all know. Daft Punk's remix of Ian Pooley's "Chord Memory" is a JAM. Originally released on 12" in 1996, Daft Punk later included it on their hits compilation "Musique Vol.1", along with their remixes of Gabrielle and Scott Grooves. Even though it's almost seven minutes long, with a funky-ass bassline and a repeated vocal loop of "Rock the disco! Rock the disco!" worming their way into your cranium, you'll find yourself wishing it was longer. And it's got a cameo from DP's fictional radio station, WDPK 83.7 FM. Can this track get any better?

Ian Pooley - Chord Memory (Daft Punk Mix)

Keep it funky,


Bastille said...

God I love those tracks. I tend to play the Armand remix of The Bomb, since its not quite 14 minutes, but also still a substantial track,

untravaersil said...

That chord memory track is one of my favorites, and definitely the best track on Musique.

Funkow said...

Workidz - Street Sounds . Discogalaxy remake.

Club Cavalry said...

The original Chord Memory is far superior to the Daft Punk remix IMO. Ian Pooley = genius.