Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lifelike-like... like Lifelike... something like that...

When I was categorizing my house music today, and came across an untagged MP3 simply titled "I Feel Change", I was pretty sure for a minute that I was listening to an unreleased Lifelike track or something. Further research revealed I was listening to Paul, the artist mentioned on our Shoutcast the other day.

Paul is the bastard son of Lifelike and Kavinsky. Where Lifelike used the weird 80's samples, and lots of portamento-ridden synth melodies and arpeggios, Paul does all that, and incorporates the more brassy, electro sounding synths for which kavinsky is noteable. All in all, it's really gosh darned awesome, and I wanna be just like Paul when I grow up.

Ok, so maybe not really... I'd rather be distinguished as my own style. But frighteningly enough, I already dress almost exactly like him, just in darker colors... I don't do pink very well.

Paul - I Feel Change
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Paul - Born 2 Luv
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Paul - In Her Eyes
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Paul - Somewhere
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Paul - Hook On You
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I like "I Feel Change", "Somewhere" and "B2Luv" Best.

Enjoy the 80's explosion.

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Tyler said...

I fucking love this guy!! All of his songs are pure sex :) Here's another one of his hits. Shine Sweet Freedom