Thursday, 13 August 2009

Random Tracks I Find And Like Vol.3

Back home after 2 weeks at my grandmother's house, which i may say that werent the best, due to this and that.

Anyway, onto todays randomness.

We start off with a collab, sort of.

Patrick Alavi teamed up with Basstard Slayerz, aka Amun, aka Turbofunk, who is also known as... Patrick Alavi! Thats right, Alavi is one of the few people who made an one-man collaboration work in the history of music.

This track is called Goldbass, and it is a fantastic summer track, which is not surprising, since i first heard this track in Louis La Roche's Summer Mixtape. With a bassline that reminds me a lot of Daft Punk's Voyager, and thats one of my favourite Daft Punk tracks, so you know this one is good.

I shortened it a bit, because the ending is a looped sample and it lasted for almost 20 seconds, which made it annoying, so i cut it off quite a bit.

Patrick Alavi Pres Basstard Slayerz - Goldbass [right click to download]

Now onto something a bit more.... hardcore.

I have posted about Les Petits Pilous before, and how their remix ability can make your years bleed.

But now, lets switch roles.
In this track, the Petits Pilous are remixed by french duo Fckn Crew, who i first heard about a few days ago, and wasnt dissapointed.

This remix is insane, very hard and pumping, made for clubs and to jump around like an idiot.

Fucking crazy, i tells ya.

Les Petits Pilous - Housi (Fckn Crew Remix) [right click to download]


Happy about coming back home,


Joe said...

That's "Patrick Alavi Presents Basstard Slayerz"

Alex said...

This is the most common tagging, i found it tagged this way, discogs also has it this way and it has more plays on

So, no, im not changing.

prez jordan said...

Attitudeeeeee haha

Joe said...

I never said you should change it. Just saying that it's not really a collab, just a side project.

slam said...

thanks for posting this! been looking for it.