Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Romborama (Part 2/3)

Onto the tracks then.

1. Romborama (feat. All Leather)
The trend and pace setter for the album. Its quite a nice banger, shame about the useless vocals on it, a full instrumental would've done it. Still, quite a great track and fits well as a begginer.

2. Have Mercy On Us (feat. Cécile)
The longest of the album. This one has a lot of classical influences, as you will find out. It sounds like it should be on a movie, don't know in what context, but it does sound like it. Very good use of synths and organs, make this a very interesting track, very melodic, very nice.

3. Storm
Quite surprised to see this one on the tracklist, as i considered it to be one of the weaker songs of theirs.

Yet, it has grown on me and i enjoy it quite a lot. It's quite simple, doesn't seem to have much to it, just some synths and a strong drum kick. The only differences it has from the non-album version are some strings and a longer intro.

It's grown on me, but i still cant say its that good of a track.

4. Awesome (feat. The Cool Kids)
First of the singles, the newest one at that, and the shortest track of the album. Extremely good track, despite having a Warp sample, but that's a minor issue. Simple beat, the characteristic claps are there, and a good usage of synths. This track actually makes hip-hop sound good. Honest, if all hip-hop tracks had a sound like this, i would dig it a lot.

5. Cornelius
We all know and love Cornelius. One of their best works, of not the best, this is what bangers are all about. Hard drum kicks, heavy synths, attractive beats, nice vocal samples, its all there. And the breakdown at 1:55 is fantastic.

Makes you want to shout Oh! and jump around like crazy with strobe lights smacking you in the face.

The definition of party track.
9,5/10 (yeah, thats how much i like it)

6. It's Better A DJ On 2 Turntables
This track can be explained by a story. Imagine that the Bloody Beetroots went to the UK, went to a club and saw Mr. Oizo and A1 Bassline that night. Then in the hotel, completely wasted, one of them says "Hey, what if we mix those 2 together?" The other agreed and this is how this track came along.

Full of samples, bassline wobbles and synths, the sample "We're gonna make a song that you never heard before" is completely true.

Its pure insanity, and damn its good. The breakdown at the end also gets me every time.

7. Talkin’ In My Sleep (feat. Lisa Kekaula)
Its an edit of Detroit. Different vocals, a different background synth and thats it. But it continues to be a very, very hard track, full of distortion and bass. Continues to be on my favourites of the early work.

8. Second Streets Have No Name (feat. Beta Bow)
The first take on a more poppier track on this album. The vocals are auto-tuned. Very calm, very smooth, its a bit of a transition track, or a rest point in between bangers.

Doesnt mean its not bad, but it doesnt really appeal to me.

9. Butter
Classic Bloody Beetroots. The track that took them to the top of the blogosphere and made them famous, appears on this album completely unedited, so im not really gonna talk about it, because if you are here, you probably have heard this somewhere before.

10. Warp 1.9 (feat. Steve Aoki)
Again, classic BBS. Another favourite of mine, this is the lovechild of Cornelius and Butter.
Along with a very cool looking video, this track is fantastic, again great to jump around and go mental. Not much else is needed to say.

Right, this concludes the second part of the review. Tune in tomorrow to read about the final 10 tracks on this album.
In the meantime, go mental.



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