Thursday, 6 August 2009

Romborama (Part 3/3)

Ok, time to finish this review off. Onto the final 10 tracks.

11. Fucked From Above 1985
Just like Storm, i was surprised to this one on the album. I have posted this one before and apart from some rapping, theres nothing else new to it. And if you remember, back then we had a discussion about the sound quality of the track. Yes, its better, but its still badly produced.
Worst of the album.

12. Theolonius (King Voodoo)
This one is weird. The intro is probably sample off a reggae or african like track, and at the 1 minute mark, BBS went like "SHUT UP!!" and put some white noise for the track to begin.

The track itself is insane. Its exactly the kind of stuff i was expecting when i first heard about this album. An all-round heavy track, this is a fantastic banger.
One of the best of the "brand new" tracks on this album.

The ending has the same singing as the beggining though.

13. Yeyo (feat. Raw Man)
First of all, i dont know what Raw Man helped do in this song. Unless its the background "Yeyo".
The vocals still annoy me, but the rest has become a lot better than the non-album version.
It has become a great track, and thats a big improval, considering i thought this was terribly annoying before.

14. Little Stars (feat. Vicarious Bliss)
Quite a surprising duo. A pair of headbanging insane italians and a redhead middle-aged man with some quite chill songs on his library.
The track is hilarious. The vocals tell a story. Its a little boy talking to a man about looking at stars and how they have dreams and talk to people.
The story sounds like its made in Christmas (mostly because the kid says "Merry Christmas" and they both start singing Jingle Bells) and its quite nice.

The instrumental is Christmassy, lots of bells and strings, cant really say anything about it.
Still, quite a nice turn of sounds by them.

15. Warp 7.7 (feat. Steve Aoki)
I have posted this on my Easter Eggs post in April, and just like Warp 1.9, it has no changes from the single version.
So i wont be talking about it, check my Easter Eggs post to find out about it.

16. Make Me Blank (feat. J*Davey)
A note. J*Davey is a girl. I though it was a man. Honest.

A calm song, simple, yet nice.
I tell you, if all hip-hop was like Awesome and this one, i would be a big fan.
Fortunately, it isnt like this, meaning only the good producers can make stuff like this.
Oh, and 8-bit sounds? You can kiss my ass, hip-hop.

17. House Nº 84
After 4 tracks with collabs, the final 4 dont have any.´

This sounds like a harder and trippier version of a kid show theme tune.
Although i dont like the vocal samples, this track is quite well done, with strings as the main instrument and a nice beat, this is quite nice to hear.

18. Mother
This is the kind of sound i was looking for when BBS were taking the mellow side.
Its like the grandmother of Warp 7.7. Its calm, but uses the same main synth as Warp, and its taken down a notch.
The best of the non-bangers.

19. I Love The Bloody Beetroots
Yes i do, actually.

We all know this one from the Rombo EP, and its pretty much unedited, apart from a few edits here and there.
So im not gonna talk about this. Just look around for it, and you will know what i think.

20. Anacletus
The grand finale. Its Theolonius' brother. Lots of strtings in the breakdowns, but with heavy synths and beat in the main bit.
Its like a mix between Theolonius and Have Mercy On Us.
And i like it.

The bonus track wont be reviewed because its Awesome but with an italian rapper.

So, what is this album? This album is an experiment. For these 4 years that The Bloody Beetroots have been around, we thought they had found their sound, an insanity of deep bass drums and synths from here to yaya.
Apparently not. In this album you will find everything. Classical music, stories, hip-hop, wobbly basslines, house, electro, the works.
And even though this is experimental, they have succeeded in making a diverse album, something which is rare.
I congratulate Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea for making something which anyone can do and do it well.

Pros: Diversity, the bangers, good production, use of lots of instruments
Cons: Fucked From Above 1985, tracklist could be better structured, one too many collabs

Final rating: 8/10



The one who said that insanity would be promised,


Anonymous said...

Uhhh.. I don't see what's so bad about FFA1995, it's actually one of my favourites by them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, FFA1995 is one of my favorite song too, and now, they are finaly going to release this track! :)