Saturday, 8 August 2009

Well Folks, It's Been a Year


It's officially been 1 year since this high schooler started blogging. Before then I was frustrated to not be able to connect with other electronic music lovers around me. All my friends listen to the Beatles or Pink Floyd - whoever that is... So out of pure frustration, ilictronix came to be.

Let's take a look at a "then and now" for ilictronix. 1 year ago, to today.

A badass logoAn even more badass logo
One writer and his friend8 writers and many friends
No women aroundNow we have Cassidy!
Geocities, Fileden, 2shared, etc...   PRIVATE HOSTING BITCHES
I loved musicI love music
Epic fail of daily postsTwice-daily posts
Less than 10 visitors a dayOver 3000 visitors a day

You just got learned. Happy first birthday ilictronix, you've done the world good.
Prez Jordan


Mr. Brown said...

honored to be part of it... happy b-day

Joe said...


hani said...

congrats! I hope that one day you'll be the biggest electro mag in the netz! ^^

Anonymous said...

happy beerdaaaaay (:

Aria said...

hey what about me?! i'm a girl too! haha

congrats guys. you've come a long way, and it sure as hell has been a great one. thanks to you i have a playlist on itunes of over 70 songs titled I <3 ilictronix.

my only request is to make it grow.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday. i was one of the first to read.

Gymtonic said...


Anonymous said...

Cogratulations! Hope you'll still on the wave, great articles :D

Boba Fettuccini said...

"my only request is to make it grow."


Kris said...

Happy b-day! Love the posts, keep em coming!

Joe said...

@ Boba, if this was twitter, I would RT that.

Ed Banger Kids said...

Aww you're so sweet and awesome Prez J. Congrats to the whole ill. crew.

You guys are consistently an excellent blog. Don't ever stop. ;)

- Cassidy : D

Dale Cooper said...

I like what you wrote: "Before [...] I was frustrated. [...] All my friends listen to the Beatles or Pink Floyd - whoever that is..." I'm not anymore a high schooler since ages, but I experienced the same thing when I was one. I would say it was even worse because they listened to bad rock'n'roll from the 90'... Now I meet more and more people in the "real life" that I can share my musical tastes with! That's cool! In some respect this is great to become older. And, thanks to the blog I run (HighMaintenanceInToulouse), I also have a net community. So, if you want some link exchange, tell me!

Cheers from France.

Authority said...

recycled songs and built for hypem congrats