Thursday, 10 September 2009

And we're back!

Club Cavalry returns from his... 3 week respite... heh, anyway, Club Cavalry returns with yet another powerful house release under the mighty banner of Power Glove Records.

Killer Macrame delivers everything you possibly want in a modern house release; disco, funk, cheesy vocal samples, it's all there.

Club Cavalry - With Love [right click to download]

Club Cavalry - Work Your Body [right click to download]

Club Cavalry - House Interlude [right click to download]

Club Cavalry - When You Touch Me [right click to download]

Club Cavalry - Feels So Right [right click to download]

A note from Club Cavalry:
"Chris Ghanny sincerely thanks:
-Boba, for the cover art, and also for the advice and support throughout.
-Evil Stereo, for being a constant springboard and inspiration.
-Silver Disco, for being a mentor and companion during the creation of this EP.
-Ashley and Leah for putting up with my tracks constantly. I love you both.
-All the house producers on MySpace that inspired me to get started making my own music. Louis La Roche, Poka, Axel Le Baron, Tzarr, The Phantom's Revenge, everyone on Club-a-Club, Galactik Knights, the Galaxie Comete gang, and everyone else that makes house music... you rule!
-Lastly, all the fans and supporters who love house music. Hope you enjoy the EP!"

And I hope so too! Have a good day everyone.


Joe said...

Any reason Work Your Body is there twice?

Anyway, Club Cavalry is going places, for sure :)

Boba Fettuccini said...

Just an HTML copy paste mistake. it's fixed.

Tyler said...

Having trouble downloading...

Gymtonic said...

i'm getting "error opening file" for all the tracks :(

prez jordan said...

Fixed :)

Alex said...

wut? i fixed it too.

prez jordan said...

lol the tracks wouldnt play

Alex said...

I know. Guess we fixed them at the same time.

prez jordan said...

thanks for mentioning ilictronix in your thank yous!

Boba Fettuccini said...

Sarcasm much?

prez jordan said...

haha :)

Noizar said...

'Feels So Right'

is just what i needed
big THANX!!!!!

Tyler said...

When you touch me is fucking amazing!