Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bobby Analog

As you all know, we here at ilictronix love a good house track, and Ireland's Bobby Analog is definitely no exception. I was sent these tracks by a friend of the blog, and I was shocked at how good they were. I decided to check out the guy who made them, and was again stunned to find that not only has he been DJing since he was only 15, played alongside A-Trak and Scratch Perverts and had an 8-month residency in New York, but that he's done all that and is STILL not signed! So, a tip-off to any labels who like a bit of disco, you'd best get this guy on board while you can!

Bobby Analog - Touch Of Class [right click to download]

Bobby Analog - I Want You [right click to download]

Keep it funky,


Gymtonic said...

wow. both tracks are really good but Touch of Class = <3 :D.

Funkow said...

a bit too soft for me , but definitely a great artist

asdfffdsa said...

I'll be keeping an eye on this guy for sure.