Friday, 4 September 2009

Galleon Update

So readers ma remember that I wasn't scoring the Galleon Mix of Freedom to Move because I hadn't heard the original. Well I did some sniffing about...

On the album track listing, it's also listed as "Levi's Theme". I assumed this was because it may be a song from some movie.... well no, it's the Levi denim company theme, a trance song created for a TV commercial by an act created specifically for the job: The Denim Project. The melody came from Handel's Sarabande, which the Galleon Mix samples directly.

Wow. Not what I expected.

I will now score the mix with a whopping 8.5/10, as it's far superior to the orginal, and packs a whopping electro/house sound that's more fit for times like our own. A track indeed ahead of it's time.

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