Saturday, 19 September 2009

I Could Be Your Boy, You Could Be My Girl

Usually when you think of Martin Soleieg, you think of pop-house, Ibiza, dance music charts nº1, etc...

But what happens when someone like Les Petits Pilous remix one of his tracks? I guess you can say you have to forget all the mentioned words.

Their new remix of his latest single, Boys & Girls, isnt as pumping as their older remixes, but it is still damn awesome.
Dragonette's vocals are fucked up, but who cares? Those crazy synths are there, the bass is immense, and its even melodic.

There are times when it sounds like Phantom Pt.II by Justice is gonna come in, it reminds me of that. So i always think that those 2 would sound good together.

Anyway onto it:

Martin Solveig - Boys & Girls (Les Petits Pilous Remix) [right click to download]

And as a bonus, a remix that wont be in an Ibiza summer compliation in a million years.

Proxy - Raven (Les Petits Pilous Remix) [right click to download]


Land ahoy,


Mr. Brown said...

Damn you Alex, I was so gonna use those in my festival review since les pilous rocked those tracks last night... sigh

Alex said...

Woops. Sorry about that.

Joe said...

Check out the LPP mix of DVNO. It's pretty nifty.

Coloour said...

God I love Les Petits Pilous. Yeah Joe, there DNVO remix is sweet as!

untra said...

Damn. I saw Boys and Girls remix and I was immediately hoping it was a mix of this:

Also Joe, can you link to that remix?

Boba Fettuccini said...

Phantom pt II and the Boys And Girls remix clash REALLY bad. Don't work at all. However, it goes great with Phantom pt I. I'll show everyone later

Alex said...

Ah, it goes with a Phantom. i knew i wasnt wrong in that.