Sunday, 27 September 2009

Joe's Essential Guide To 90s Dance: Part 6

Hey guys. More 90s dance for you today. Let's get on with it then....

Representing the early 90s is a track by Aphex Twin. One of his more... erm... listenable tracks, "On" was released in 1993 on Warp Records, and despite the harsh, abrasive beats, is actually a very good track to chill out to. The µ-ziq mix expands the track to 8 and a half minutes of ambient bliss, and tones down the abrasiveness of the beats a little.

Aphex Twin - On (µ-ziq Mix) [right click to download]

And repping the late 90s this month, a track from Vertigo records! Funk Legacy was made up of Davis Mouyal and Romain Tranchart (who later went on to form Modjo with Yann Destal). "What You Gonna Do Baby" was released in 1999, and was the duo's only release under the name. There's also a "cleaner" sounding remix on the release, but I think the original sounds better, more raw and rough around the edges. Bare French house vibes.

Funk Legacy - What You Gonna Do Baby [right click to download]

Keep it funky,


prez jordan said...

Funk Legacy also released Electronet :) Don't forget that one, it's my favorite

untra said...

Those pictures aren't showing up for me. Can you check that?

Joe said...

@ Prez, Electronet was on the B-side to this release. Shame the only recording I can find is cut off at the end :(

@ Untra, yeah I'm getting the same problem. I took the images from discogs, so I'll have to check that out.