Sunday, 13 September 2009

P*N*M*B Review

Oh hi, miss me?

So I'm back, and I finally have all my music. Now, it's time to do a post I've been holding back from doing for quite a while.

First things first, I love Ed Rec more than most people (with the exception of Cassidy). Although Justice and Mr. Oizo are my favorite Ed Rec artists (well I guess not Justice anymore), I've recently taken a liking to Feadz. And recently, someone asked me for his most recent EP. So instead of just giving it away, let's talk about it.

Contantovulation. Although this track has some great riffs, I'm just really not a fan. Unfortunately, this is the track that kicks off the EP, so it almost drew me away. If you listen enough, it gets pretty good, and it also makes for a killer driving song. Although it could've been better, it earns a not-so-horrible 6/10.

Feadz - Contantovulation [right click to download]

The Bright Side. This is hands down one of the best electro (it's light but hey, it's Feadz) songs I've heard in a long time. It goes with any mood, and it makes the EP stand out to me. Without this tune, I probably wouldn't bother listening to anything else on it (that's an exaggeration). This one gets a legit legit 10/10.

Feadz - The Bright Side [right click to download]

Age 21. I love this song. This is the first track I heard from the EP, thanks to Cassidy. Although most blogs don't take a liking to it...I do. Being Prez Jordan, my opinion is the one that matters :). It starts strong and changes into a tripfest that makes me wish I had more club drugs nearby. This one gets an epic-like 9/10.

Feadz - Age 21 [right click to download]

Liisborg Error. Odd, but not too bad. This seems pretty damn experimental to me, but I liked it. Then again, I like Oizo. If it's too boring or odd for your taste, that's understandable. This one gets a meh-tastic 7.5/10.

Feadz - Liisborg Error [right click to download]

Flashin' Outro. ALthough not exactly Flashin', I kinda liked this mix. It's cut up more than your average black-haired 16 year old girl, which makes me want more. The samples funky, and the backbeats pretty kickass. Only problem here, it's less than extraordinary, and doesn't do some of the better tracks the justice they deserve. This is no flashin' outro, earning a 7/10 for lying.

Feadz - Flashin' Outro [right click to download]

Overall, this gets an 8/10. Without one of the less-than-incredible tracks, this EP would probably get a 9 or a 9.5. Unfortunately, 3 songs is just too many to neglect.
Prez Jordan

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Anonymous said...

youre a bitch for posting his whole ep in 320. thats pretty fucked up.

Ed Banger Kids said...

firstly, Anonymous = douche

and secondly I couldn't have done a better review myself : D

Job well done Prez J.

Anonymous said...

Ed Banger Kids = fagggggg

you obviously arent a true dedicated ed rec fan. all i was sayin..