Saturday, 5 September 2009

Track By Track Review: Bestrack "Sunset City"

With "French House 2.0" in full effect, a more electronic, synth-based variant is emerging behind the scenes, with names like Justin Faust, Grum, Breakbot and Russ Chimes becoming bigger by the minute. And set to join them is Paris' latest export Bestrack.

The EP opens with an 80s disco riff, leading into the hammering "With You", a Bangalter-meets-Boys-Noize electro-funk jam which despite its relatively slow tempo is sure to be a dancefloor stomper in the near future. Filtery microsamples weave their way in and out of heavy electro electro bass and 80s synthesizer action. An absolute banger.

Up next is "Wishmaker", a more stereotypical French filter house tune, but still with its fair share of 80s nostalgia, and a funky-as-shit synth bass breakdown about halfway through. This track is aptly named, it's magic. The only flaw is a little "glitch" around the 1:13 mark where the filter is a little off. But I can overlook that, this is still a fantastic tune!

The last original on the EP and probably the most sample-based cut is "Do It All Night". This is a good tune, but it falls victim to the problem that haunts quite a lot of French house tracks. Too repetitive and not quite enough variation. Mind you, those samples of "do it, do it, shake it tonight" are pretty damn catchy.

The first of the remixes, Louis La Roche's reconstruction of "Wishmaker" is a bit of a mixed bag. It starts out in classic LLR style, old drum machines and soft pads... Then after a quick four bar retro breakdown, any trace of said style is pummeled into the ground by a massive electro bassline. That's all well and good, everyone loves a bit of electro, but the one thing that cripples this track is Louis' three-and-a-half-minute ethic. This track could do with being a bit longer, but just as you're beginning to get into tho new electro Louis, the bassline drops out of the mix, and after a quick outro, the track ends. All in all, I wasn't too keen on it to start with, but it's a grower.

Finally, Munich disco king Justin Faust has his way with "With You". It's essentially a faster, more club-aimed version, focusing more on the sampled elements. A great housier remix, but a bit generic compared to the original. Not much about it really stands out. Stick with the original if you're going to get only one.

Overall, I give "Sunset City" an 8/10. Bestrack is destined for big things, so be sure to check him out on MySpace. Now, for my picks...

Bestrack - With You [right click to download]

Bestrack - Wishmaker [right click to download]

Bestrack - Wishmaker (Louis La Roche Reconstruction) [right click to download]

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