Saturday, 26 September 2009

Trying to catch your heart is like... using an already overused sample.

Boy Meets Girl was one of those cheesy pop acts from the second half of the 80's that we just love so much. They only had one major hit, Waiting For A Star To Fall, which is pretty much just epic wincheese on crackers.

Being the amazing song that it is, of course, a large collective of electronic music producers took one listen and went,"LOLOLOLOLOLOL I SMELLZ A SAMPLE, LARRY!".

Ok, maybe not. But it's been reworked several times in recent history, and even got into one of those epic Eric Prydz style sample upsets.

From Wikipedia, the source of all truth and knowledge in the HOL WRRLDZ:
"Cabin Crew originally remixed the track, but SonyBMG would not clear the sample for release. Instead, they enlisted Sunset Strippers to remix the track to try and block the Cabin Crew version. But when Boy Meets Girl's vocalist George Merrill heard the track, he re-recorded the vocals, allowing the Cabin Crew release to go ahead. In Australia, the single releases were almost simultaneous. Although Cabin Crew's version debuted higher, Sunset Strippers hung around the chart longer. The Sunset Strippers version also picked up more airplay."
The reasons are rather obvious, in my humble opinion. The Cabin Crew track sucks, and the Sunset Strippers doesn't. The Sunset version also has a cute music video.

So yeah, here we've got those MP3s if you want em.

Cabin Crew - Star2Fall [right click to download]

Sunset Strippers - Falling Stars [right click to download]

But now we're coming to the important ones. So who here knows Mylo? Yeah? Ok, good. Mylo sampled it too, and it was amazing.

Mylo - In My Arms [right click to download]

But now we're to the most important one. This one is a by an American bloke named Boba Fettuccini. This track is just so incredible, making use of so many parts of the original while making it sound different. And that sax... gotta love that sax chopping. Wow!

Boba Fettuccini - Trying To Catch Your Heart [right click to download]

Well. That's a lot of house for one piece of 80's cheese.
But it's awesome.


Deej said...
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Deej said...

Need to change the A1 in your song's link to an A2 (previous post removed for better clarification)

beaumont said...

great post, thankyou! i totally agree that the cabin crew version sucked. it seemed to get more airplay in sydney around the time than the strippers one. but at the end of the day, mylo did it best. by far.